CoSine Delivers Wireless VPNS for Carriers

CoSine Communications of Redwood City, Calif., a provider of IP services and telecommunications equipment for carriers, announced this week it will soon be delivering both a DSL Network Aggregation service (controlling hundreds of thousands of DSL circuits) and wireless virtual private networks (VPNs) in its latest IP Services Generator (IPSG+) product.

IPSG+ (and its predecessor, the IPSG) are modules that work with CoSine’s service process switches to deliver IP services at the carrier’s network edge.

David Messina, CoSine’s vice president of marketing, say that its customers have “driven CoSine to the wireless space aggressively,” citing a major European company making major investments in wireless infrastructure that wants to play up mobility.

According to Messina, the IPSG+ can help a carrier create “thousands of PVNs on a single platform” using IPSec. With additions like Network Address Translation Traversal (NAT-T) and IPSec compression, the service can do a rapid set up or tear down of the tunnel. This is independent of the device or the transmission technology (whether 3G WANs or public access Wi-Fi hotspots).

The previous IPSG was used only over fixed lines but Messina says “with thousands doing connections over a hotspot, you need [dynamic] session based capability,” which IPSG+ delivers. It can also provide managed firewall functions, Denial of Service attack mitigation, and Network Address Translation.

The IPSG+ will be available in June and will cost around $60,000.

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