D-Link has the Bridge to Wi-Fi

D-Link Systems of Irvine, CA, has announced the D-LinkAir DWL-810 Ethernet to Wi-Fi Wireless Bridge, hardware that will convert any product or resource with an RJ-45 Ethernet port into a wireless node. The unit will resemble a USB Wi-Fi adapter, except for the connection at the end of the cable.

Using the DWL-810, items like Ethernet print servers or cameras that usually tie into the wired network can work also for 802.11b capable devices. Of course, it will also work with any Ethernet enabled Windows PC. The computer will recognize the bridge as a separate network card, and the user can administer the 802.11b connection and settings via a Web-based interface.

Like most 802.11b products, the unit supports 64- and 128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) modulation. However, it’s limited to a speed of 10Mbps because of the 10BaseT Ethernet connection (802.11b is rated for 11Mbps).

The bridge will be on sale by June 1, and on display next week during Networld+Interop in Las Vegas. Pricing has not been set yet, but expect it to be at or lower than the cost of most external WLAN adapters on the market.

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