Daewoo takes Wi-Fi Video Mainstream

This week at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany, Daewoo Electronics of Korea is demonstrating consumer electronics with wireless video capabilities provided by ViXS Systems of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

According to Ciricia Proulx, director of marketing at ViXS, this is more than just a partnership to show off some technology.

“[Daewoo is] moving ahead with our reference designs for wireless streaming, point-to-point video. They’re announcing product lines for wireless distribution. They’re the first company to do so that we can talk about,” says Proulx.

ViXS has had previous tradeshow product demos done by companies like NEC and Sony.

According to their announcement, Daewoo’s plans are for “lightly portable TFT-LCD-TVs” that will come sans cables for video signal. Products could get wireless by use of embedded chips or with inserted PC Cards. At the show (which continues through September 3) they are demonstrating wireless transmission of audio data and video to multiple receivers.

ViXS is the developer of the Matrix 802.11a-based broadband chipset which handles optimization of a video signal and the XCode software which does real-time changes to a signal, such as changing the bit-rate or resolution on the fly as needed.

While Daewoo seems definite to release wireless multimedia electronics no specific plans for public products have been announced. Proulx also could not confirm that such products would be headed for North America. Daewoo has a significant presence in Asia and Europe.

“There’s an acceleration and interest” in wireless video, says Proulx. “We expect more announcements to come out prior to CES.”

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, held each year in January in Las Vegas.

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