Daily Hotspots for 04/10/2002

British Telecom, or BT as it is commonly called, today announced a new set of BT-branded mobility initiatives, including a public access WLAN. BT revealed that it is working with Motorola and Cisco on these initiatives. Motorola’s role will be as prime contractor and systems integrator, which, along with Cisco, will ultimately deliver the BT WLAN solution. End-to-end solutions architecture, project management, system integration, coverage and deployment services, and the network operation center will be provided by Motorola.

Swiss WLAN operator Monzoon Networks AG announced that it is equipping the Zurich Airport with a public WLAN. Monzoon will work with Unique, the airport operating company, to set up 5 zones in Terminals A and B. The zones, or hotspots, are expected to be fully operational by mid-2002. Hotspots are specifically being placed inside and outside the customs areas and arrivals/departures areas to give people in the airport access regardless of whether they are traveling or not. The airport serves about 20 million passengers a year.

Air Media Now! Inc. and Calypso Wireless Inc. announced today that they have successfully conducted their ASNAP (Automatic Switching) WLAN to GSM/GPRS hand-off. Air Media Now! Inc.’s licenses ASNAP from Calypso Wireless to solve the inherent problems in seamless hand-offs between cellular and WLANs. Calypso Wireless designs, builds, and manufactures broadband access points, air cards, mobile handsets, and network components. Air Media Now! is a wireless Web services company, and provides devices, content and software that use automatic switching technology. Air Media Now! will sell ASNAP-enabled equipment through its retail channels. Air Media Now!’s NowZones, or hotspots will enable users to have broadband access anywhere that local GSM/GPRS operators and Air Media Now have NowZones, with additional coverage provided by roaming agreements with other hotspot providers. Air Media Now! has an exclusive license to resell the Calypso ASNAP technology.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com

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