Daily Hotspots for 04/11/2002

What is the definition of a disruptive technology?: Here is one interpretation, since we seem to be seeing the term applied more and more frequently to 802.11 solutions. “In real-world terms,” Rick Rotondo, of Mesh Networks says, “it has to meet at least two of three criteria: be ten times cheaper than any alternative, have ten times higher performance, and ten times higher functionality. All three is best.” Since Mesh Networks believes that 802.11, and particularly the company’s contribution to it qualifies on all three counts, Rotondo’s official title is, in fact, ‘Director of Disruptive Technology.’

Ellipsis Digital Systems Inc., a fabless semiconductor company that develops application specific integrated circuits (ASICS), announced that it has successfully raised an additional $4.3 million in funding to continue development of its WLAN solutions. The funding will be directed towards project completion of the company’s E-1100 (802.11a) and E-2000 (802.11a/b/g) system on chip (SoC) embeddable WLAN solutions. These solutions include both the MAC/PHY and digital radio elements of the system. It is marketing the solutions to OEMs incorporating WLAN functions into devices. Ellipsis is also developing its E-Bridge SoC solutions that enable multi-standard access point (AP) capability. The result should be APs offering network management functionalilty, as well as security and quality of service (QoS), and complementarity with other networks including ADSL, cable, and cellular.

Colubris Networks and Airpath Wireless, Inc. announced a partnership in which Colubris access point technology will be integrated into Airpath Roaming 802.11b solutions. As we mentioned earlier this week, Toledo-based Airpath is forging ahead with its plans to create a national ‘hotspot’ footprint. Colubris makes WiFi certified routers that connect WLANs with the wired Internet. Colubris products are designed around open industry standards, and have integrated VPN, firewall, and other security features. Colubris will offer integrated access to the Airpath Roaming Network when customers purchase its products. For example, the Colubris CN3000 Hot Spot Access Point would enable the network operator to become part of the larger Airpath Network. The device, according to the companies, enables ‘Instant Hot Spot Creation,’ and is simple enough to set up and use that owners can instantly become part of the larger roaming network.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com

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