Daily Hotspots for 04/18/02

Boingo Wireless, Inc. today announced that it is using Portal Software’s Infranet billing platform as its back-end solution for that aspect of its business. Boingo stated that it developed its billing infrastructure using the Infranet solution, because of the platforms flexibility. Infranet supports multiple pricing and service models, depending on customer needs, and is based on an open API architecture that simplifies integration into the Boingo technology platform.

At the WINHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) Conference today, Microsoft re-affirmed its support of the 802.11 WLAN market in the midst of its announcement about its new Bluetooth-enabled desktop solution. As we have reported for quite some time now on 802.11-Planet, these technologies are evolving into co-existance and not competitiveness, based on the different functions that play to their unique strengths.

On a related note, Strix Systems and Concourse Communications, which recently installed an 802.11b network at the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport, reported today that they have, in fact, done a pilot install of a Strix Systems’ Bluetooth-based network in high traffic areas at the end of Concourse E and in the main Northstar Crossing shopping area near the Pierson M. Grieve Conference Center. The system is oriented towards PDA-users, with their short battery life in mind, which Bluetooth accomodates quite well. Bluetooth, an industry ratified standard also known as 802.15.1, is a very low-power, wireless technology that offers Internet access at speeds nearly 20 times faster than traditional phone line modems. To use the service, passengers need any Bluetooth-enabled PDA or laptop computer. No proprietary software is required to access the Airport Web site, just a standard browser. Palm(TM) offers a Bluetooth upgrade via their expansion card slot; Compaq iPaq(TM) H3870 comes with Bluetooth already embedded in the PDA.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com

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