Dell PowerEdge VRTX Converges Office Server and Storage Tech

Dell VRTXThe VRTX combines up to 4 compute nodes in a single box. Those nodes can be Dell M620 or M520 blades powered by the Intel E5 processor family.

Brian Payne, Executive Director of Dell Server Solutions, explained to ServerWatch that the VRTX will also be able to support future Intel-based blades as they come out. Intel is currently in the process of rolling out its Haswell-based chips for servers and consumer desktops.

Payne said that while the VRTX might look like a server design that has been seen in the past, it is actually something new and unique. For example, when it comes storage, the VRTX offers the traditional benefits of a SAN, but with the ease of deployment that comes from direct-attached storage.

Read the full story at ServerWatch:
Dell Debuts PowerEdge VRTX for Converged Infrastructure

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