Delphi Automotive to Intro New Products

Delphi Automotive Systems will introduce the use of 802.11 wireless networking technology to transmit data to in-car systems and will launch two major products at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early next year.

Specifically, Delphi said it and 3Com will demonstrate various uses of 802.11b local area networking. Delphi claims that 802.11b will eventually be used by consumers to wirelessly download compressed digital audiovisual information to in-car systems.

The company also said it will introduce its Communiport Mobile Productivity Center, a device that synchronizes some Ericsson cellular telephones with Palm V or Vx handhelds, allowing drivers to access data and make hands-free calls through voice commands and text-to-speech software.

In addition, the company will introduce its Rear-Seat Entertainment System, which will allow passengers in the rear seat to play Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) movies, CDs, and plug-in game platforms. The company claimed that the system will fit in almost all cars and trucks.

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