Do Have a Cow, Fedora 18 Linux is Alive

After over a month of delays, Fedora 18 became generally available this week. The Fedora 18 Linux release is the first for the Red Hat community effort since the Beefy Miracle Fedora 17 release in May 2012.

Perhaps the biggest change in the Fedora Linux 18 release, also known as the Spherical Cow, is an overhaul to the Anaconda installation system.

“Anaconda really touches nearly every piece of the internals of the operating system,” Fedora Project Leader Robyn Bergeron told ServerWatch. “It’s people’s data and is not a place where we would have shipped something that didn’t work.”

As a result of the Anaconda overhaul, Bergeron noted that the overall installation experience for the Fedora 18 release is now easier for users to understand, while at the same time still offering plenty of control for power users as well.

Bergeron noted that installation options now have concise explanations. As well, the look and feel of the interface overall has been improved.

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Fedora 18 Linux Improves Installation and Virtualization

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