Drupal Open Source is Built on Passion (and soon Symfony)

At the Drupalcon conference this week, Drupal founder Dries Buytaert outlined the road ahead and what the open source project needs to do to move forward.

“Drupal is built on passion,” Buytaert said.

It’s a passion that is helping to fuel a process of continuous innovation that is the key to the long term success of Drupal. Buytaert noted that the way that Drupal innovates is by making each version of Drupal better than the previous version and adding more cool features.

Buytaert stressed that it is community that leads to innovation. The community of users and developers also provides lots flexibility as people are taking Drupal and extending it to build any type of website.

“We’re going from a world where people used to develop websites by writing code to a world where people can actually assemble a web site,” Buytaert said. “It’s the vision of the assembled web and it’s a direct result of having a vibrant and active community.”

Drupal will be embracing the Symfony PHP framework for the Drupal 8 release. Symfony is a popular framework that Buytaert hopes will make it easier for developers to develop for and with Drupal. Drupal 8 is currently in development with a feature freeze set for December of this year and code freeze by February of 2013. The final release of Drupal 8 is expected to be available in August of 2013.

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