Epic Win as Mozilla Enables Game Development for the Web

Mozilla announced this week that it has been working with producer Epic Games, maker of the Unreal Engine for game development (UDK). The joint effort has enabled UDK-built games to run inside a web browser. The effort leverages the asm.js JavaScript library as well as the open source emscripten cross compiler.

The engagement with Epic Games is a non-commercial effort for Mozilla. Vladimir Vukicevic, Engineering Director at Firefox and inventor of WebGL,stressed that his team focuses on emscriptem. The benefit to Mozilla is that it gets real-world test cases for the tool and the power of JavaScript for the web.

“We’re out to support the web for the user,” Mozilla CTO, Brendan Eich said.

Read the full story at Datamation:
Mozilla Open Source Effort Accelerates Browsers for Gaming and More

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