Fedora 18 Linux Delayed to 2013

fedora 17 Beefy MiracleFrom the ‘Don’t Have a Cow – in 2012 – Man’ files:

Last week, Fedora pushed back a milestone beta release, but still committed to getting the final Fedora 18 (aka the Spherical Cow) before the end of the year.

That plan changed late Wednesday. The Beta is being delayed by an additional two weeks, making a 2012 release of Fedora 18 a non-starter.

Fedora 18 Beta release is now set for Nov 27th with a final release set for January 08, 2013.

That would mean that for the first time in Red Hat’s history, we wont’ see two Fedora (or two community) releases in one calendar year. The original plan for Fedora 18 had a release date as early as November 6th.

The latest set of delays however important items are. The installer, upgrade and Secure Boot teams all need more time to get their tech polished. So instead of religiously sticking to a fixed date like some distros, Fedora is erring on the side of quality. For those of us that rely on Fedora as an everyday operating system, this is a good thing.

Reality is that the existing Fedora 17 release is still pretty snappy,so the Beefy Miracle will live on….

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