Fedora 18 Linux will be a Spherical Cow

fedora 17 Beefy MiracleFrom the ‘Open Source Bovine Addiction’ files:

How do you follow-up a name like Beefy Miracle? (the name of the upcoming Fedora 17 Linux release).

With another Cow of course.

The Fedora community has voted on the name for Fedora 18 and the winner is:

Spherical Cow

My personal favorite was Tandoori Chicken which actually placed fifth in the voting. The final official vote tally was:

Votes :: Name

1359 :: Spherical Cow
1087 :: Halva
1072 :: Chamoy
1035 :: Pamukkale
964 :: Tandoori Chicken
930 :: Frankfurter
821 :: Pop Soda
536 :: Ketchy Ketchup
If i’m not mistaken, this will be the first time that Fedora has had an animal release name. Time will tell however, if the Fedora naming process will now change and we will have a numbered only Fedora 19 release.

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