Firefox Australis and Sync Update Gear for Release

Firefox development occurs in multiple branches with the main release branch being the generally available release which is complemented with a beta and alpha (aurora) release branch. Leading edge development is relegated to the Nightly channel, which is where Australis has sat, until now. Mozilla is expected to uplift Australis into the Aurora channel for Firefox 29 today.

“Significant development will continue over the next 6 weeks, as we burn down current Australis bugs as well as new issues found by the Aurora audience,” Mozilla developer Justin Dolske wrote in a mailing list. The next major uplift in the Mozilla development process is currently scheduled for March 17th, at which point components in the Aurora release can be loaded into the beta release.

Dolske noted that at that uplift point, Mozilla developers will make a determination on whether or not Australis is ready for Beta. If Australis does make it into the Beta uplift on March 17th, the current schedule has the General Availability release of Firefox 29 set for April 29th.

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