Funk Hot for Hotspots

Cambridge, MA-based Funk Software, who recently announced upgrades to its two RADIUS server products (Odyssey and Steel-Belted Radius) has gone one better for WISPs this week, announcing the Steel-Belted Radius/Hotspot Edition (HSE).

HSE is a customized version of the Steel-Belted Radius authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) server that taps into existing Internet infrastructure so visiting users can use existing Internet access accounts — no need to pay extra subscription fees.

Anyone with an existing hotspot can add Steel-Belted Radius/HSE to their infrastructure. They can then set up a settlement relationship with popular ISPs — those the end users are likely to already have accounts with. When the user connects to an access point at the hotspot location using their username and password for their ISP, the request for access is forwarded to HSE, which sent it to a central RADIUS server at the ISP, and when it’s okay, the user can go online.

Steel-Belted Radius/HSE supports 802.1X and browser connections, and will support EAP-TTLS encryption in future 802.1X implementations. The software will also keep track of each customers usage to make sure all parties get compensated for surfing time.

Steel-Belted Radius/HSE will sell for $3000 and runs on Windows NT/2000/XP and Solaris.

Eric Griffith is the managing editor of 802.11 Planet.

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