Getting Net at the Boarding Gate

AirTran Airways, based out of the Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, Wednesday announced that it has signed a contract with Airpath Wireless. The partnership will offer 802.11b access in the boarding gate areas in Atlanta, Washington/Dulles, Baltimore/Washington, Boston, and Philadelphia airports.

Airpath Wireless will offer several service packages based on a traveler’s needs. Users can purchase a $79 Airpath Wireless 802.11b card at their gate that includes two hours of free service. Additional time is $2.95/hour or packages can be bought which lover the per hour cost to $1.95. The company will also send wireless cards overnight for customers.

Travelers who already have an 802.11b card can simply log in to the Airpath Wireless Portal while at the gate boarding area. More information is available at the AirTran Web site by clicking on the Airpath logo.

AirTran Airways operates 346 flights a day to 36 cities throughout the eastern U.S. It operates 146 flights a day out of Atlanta. The company is a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings, Inc.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of

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