Global WiMAX Status Report

In this ongoing multi-part series, Canada-based contributing writer, Gerry Blackwell, examines the state of the WiMAX industry in 2009 in key regions around the globe.

WiMAX Faces Tough Competition from 3G in UK
[January 23, 2009] WiMAX needs a stiff upper lip in the UK where prospects for WiMAX service providers don’t look great. In the first installment of our series on WiMAX around the globe, we take a look at the market in the UK and Ireland.

WiMAX Struggles to Find a Foothold in Western Europe
[February 25, 2009] It’s an uphill climb for WiMAX in the land 3G created. In the second installment of our look at WiMAX around the globe, we focus our attention on western Europe.

Investors Bank on WiMAX in Eastern Europe
[March 27, 2009] In the third installment of our series on WiMAX around the globe, we look at the unique market conditions WiMAX faces in Eastern Europe.

WiMAX Has a Future in Middle East and Africa
[April 24, 2009] While operators in “the MEA market” may be very tightly focused for now on using WiMAX for fixed broadband, there is nothing stopping them planning for a future when mobile broadband becomes feasible and demand emerges.

WiMAX Around the Globe: APAC
[June 1, 2009] The Asia-Pacific region (APAC) may be the laboratory and proving ground for WiMAX, but so far the results are a tad disappointing.

WiMAX Poised to Explode in Latin America, Caribbean
[June 19, 2009] If political barriers to spectrum allocation can be overcome, WiMAX in Latin America and the Caribbean could really take off as early as this year.

Demand for WiMAX Strong in Emerging Markets
[August 6, 2009] A new report shows India is now the largest global opportunity for WiMAX, with rural U.S. installations in second place.

WiMAX in North America Defying Global Trends
[August 27, 2009] Will North America continue to be the exception that proves the rule–a developed market that embraces WiMAX and sees it compete with more established players and technologies?

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