Google Chrome 34 Adds Support for Responsive Images

Google is out with its latest Chrome web browser, providing users with improved security and new features for developers.

Among the big new capabilities that have landed in Chrome 34 is support for responsive images.

“Serving the same image resources to all devices can lead to slower page load times, wasted bandwidth and improperly formatted content,” Google software engineer, Raymond Toy wrote in a blog post.

The responsive images capability will help to solve that problem by way of the new ‘srcset’ HTML tag. Toy explained that srcset will enable developers to provide multiple resources in varying resolutions for a single image. With srcset, a web browser can pick the image resource that is appropriate for a specific device. The srcset element can be embeded within either an HTML picture element or a traditional image source (img src) HTML tag.

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Google Chrome 34 Gets Responsive

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