HP EnhanceS Networking for Cloud Scale

Cloud computing relies on the ability of networks to scale effectively. HP is now expanding its network scalability efforts in a series of new efforts announced today.

The new HP Ethernet Virtual Interconnect (EVI) is a technology that enables up to eight different data centers located in different geographical locations to easily be interconnected. The EVI technology is a software upgrade for HP FlexFabric core switches.

In contrast with simply moving virtual machines from one data center to another with a software based solution like VMware’s vMotion, the EVI approach is somewhat different.

“EVI delivers layer 2 routing based extension to enable virtual machine migration, work load mobility, disaster recovery across datacenter without any changes on the networking infrastructure,” Kash Shaikh, Director, Marketing, Networking at HP, told InternetNews.

The EVI solution is able to scale up to 4,000 VLANs and works with HP’s IRF (Intelligent Resilient Framework). IRF is a technology that enables the virtualization of the multiple switches. With IRF multiple physical switches can be abstracted such that they can all be managed as one logical switch.

“EVI automatically works with IRF to achieve HA and resilience without any extra provisioning,” Shaikh said.

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HP Scales Networking Tech for Cloud Scale

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