HP Updates Wi-Fi for iPAQs

Wi-Fi updates have been posted by Hewlett-Packard for the iPAQ h5400 and h5500 series of Pocket PCs. The updates fix and enhance a number of Wi-Fi related issues.

For instance, the updated WLAN driver and firmware for both the h5400 and h5500 series fix a LEAP authentication issue with the Funk Radius Server, problems with the signal-strength indicator, and an issue where memory is not reclaimed after use.

The updates also add a feature that provides additional safety when updating wireless LAN firmware and a feature that provides nine retries when roaming before disconnecting. The version of the updates for the h5500 includes support for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security and for CCX 1.1.

Another recent update for these handhelds, released pack in April, fixed the connectivity bubble so it now displays GPRS status correctly when connected through a proxy like a cell phone. The JavaScript event handler now fires correctly and Pocket Internet Explorer now encodes URLs with “&lang” references.

Other bug fixes included the removal of duplicate radio telephone numbers from the Contacts List view, and in the InBox short messages are no longer duplicated and SMS messages with alphanumeric address are now parsed correctly. The update also lowers the amount of power the h5500 consumes.

There were also a laundry list of enhancements, including SDIO slot, Bluetooth, and WLAN updates and much more. The ROM update removed the currency calculator from the device, however.

iPAQ h5500

Last summer, HP added two Pocket PC’s to the iPAQ 5000 series, the h5150 and h5550. Both models include a removable slim battery (1250mAh) and integrated Bluetooth. The h5550 is the first Pocket PC to include 128 MB of RAM as well as integrated biometrics security and Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless access. This model also includes up to 17 MB of iPAQ File Store (non-volatile flash storage).

iPAQ h5550

The h5550 comes with the iPAQ Backup utility and iPAQ Task Manager. It features a 400-MHz Intel XScale PXA255 processor, a desktop cradle and holster case. A variety of optional accessories are available, including slim and extended removable batteries, extra styli, auto adapter and a variety of cases.

The iPAQ h5550 won Datamation’s Product of the Year Award this year for the Client/Mobile award category.

Reprinted from Pocket PC City.

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