IBM Brings SAP to Smart Cloud

With the IBM SmartCloud for SAP applications offering, the goal is to provide the same level of service and quality in the cloud to enterprises that they are used to getting in traditional data centers. Quan noted that the IBM service has 99.7 percent availability and is provided by the global footprint of IBM cloud data centers.

IBM is also expanding its cloud data center portfolio to support the SmartCloud solution. Currently Smart Cloud Enterprise is supported by IBM data centers in Canada, Brazil, Japan, France, Australia, Germany and the U.S. By the middle of 2013, the plan is to have an additional data center in Spain.

Cloud Technology

From a technology perspective, IBM is using a number of different technologies to power the SmartCloud offerings. The SmartCloud Enterprise+ solution is a high-end application cloud offering and it runs cloud enabled workloads.

“We’re giving customers an end-to-end offering around running SAP business applications in the cloud,” 

Dennis Quan, VP of SmartCloud at IBM said.  “Bringing it to the cloud is not just about running virtual machines, the key challenges is about enterprise grade SLAs (Service Level Agreements) on not just the virtual machines, but on the applications.”

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