IBM Predicts an Era of Cognitive Computing is Coming

What will the IT world look like in five years? That’s the annual question that IBM has asked for the last seven years with its Five in Five report. The 2012 report is now out, and for Big Blue the future of IT is all about the five senses.

That’s right, IT is set to move from being all visual to a new era where sight is complemented by touch, audio and yes even taste and smell.

All told the future innovation that IBM is forecasting for the next five years, portend an era of smarter computing, though not an era where computing replaces humans.

“I don’t believe that cognitive systems will usurp the role of human thinkers,” Bernie Meyerson, IBM Fellow and VP of Innovation said. “Rather, they’ll make us more capable and more successful — and, hopefully, better stewards of the planet.”

Read the full story at Datamation:
IBM: The Future of IT is Smell, Taste, Touch, Sound and Sight

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