Intel Debuts Xeon E7 v2

Intel is introducing 20 different product SKUs as part of the Xeon E7 v2 rollout with different cache sizes, core counts and frequency ratings.

“With 4.3 billion transistors on a die, utilizing our 22 nanometer trigate 3D transistor technology, it integrates up to 15 cores per socket and each of those cores is hyper-threaded, and it runs up to 3.4 GHz,” Bryant said. “On top of the 3.4 GHz we also have Turbo-Boost technology.”

What all that technology amounts to is a doubling of performance over the prior generation of Intel Xeon E7 processors. Additionally, the new Xeon E7 v2 now supports three times the memory capacity of its predecessor.

Intel’s Xeon E7 v2 can support up to 1.5 Terabytes of memory per socket or 6 Terabytes for a four-socket server. Going a step further, memory bandwidth has been improved as well.

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