Intel Inside Enters the Cloud Era

The Powered by Intel Cloud Technology badge is similar in many respects to the Intel-Inside campaign that Intel ran for years on consumer PCs as a branding effort, emphasizing that what’s inside matters.

Raejeanne Skillern, Director of Cloud Marketing at Intel, told Datamation that the ‘Powered by Intel Cloud Technology’ badges will be displayed on the webpages of participating Cloud Service Providers, marking the instances that are powered entirely by Intel processors.

Skillern added that instances branded with “Powered by Intel Cloud Technology” badge are taking advantage of specific technologies and features that directly benefit performance and security of Cloud applications. Cloud Service Providers can provide information about the Intel gear they are running, including processor type, as well as a list of Intel enabled features and how they impact cloud performance.

Read the full story at Datamation:
Intel Inside the Cloud

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