Internet of Things is a $19 Trillion Opportunity

John Chambers, the charismatic leader of the world’s largest networking vendor used his CES Cisco CESspeaking slot last week to bring up multiple examples of how the the Internet of Things era will enable a very different world in the future.

“It isn’t just about a connected car or a refrigerator,” Chambers said. “It’s the combination of connecting things that allow for different outcomes.”

Chambers said that in his estimation, the impact of the Internet of Things era will be five to ten times that of what the whole Internet has been for humanity to date. While Cisco has always been in the business of connecting technology with its networking gear, the Internet of Things isn’t just about the connections.

“It’s not just about connectivity of things. It’s about changing processes,” Chambers said. “It’s about getting the right information to the right person at the right time to make the right decision.”

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