IP3 Talks Business

Mike Lee, CEO and co-founder of IP3 Networks, wants to get the word out that IP3 is for more than just hotspots now. The company has begun targeting businesses with its NetAccess for Enterprise access control gateway.

“The same way we can work at a hotel or convention center or other public network to control who’s able to get access, we’ve done for the enterprise, with enterprise-class features,” says Lee.

Any guest with the proper access code can get on a network that’s running the IP3 gateway hardware. When welcomed by a splash page, the guest simply enters the access code and can then surf the Internet as needed, while remaining segregated from the corporate network. Regular users are authenticated using built-in RADIUS servers and MAC address filtering.

IP3 is best known for subscriber management gateways used to turn large venues into hotspots. Like its previous products, the NetAccess for Enterprise is basically plug-and-play. The only requirement is that the Wi-Fi infrastructure of the corporate network has to support multiple SSIDs, which is how the gateway segments traffic so that, for example, guests only get 256Kbps speeds while mobile employees get the full 1Mbps.

The company will soon be offering a new centralized management system to help small deployments scale upwards as needed. It will handle various things usually left to the WLAN switch vendors, such as load balancing, AP redundancy to avoid a single point of failure, and more.

The NetAccess for Enterprise is also ready for VoIP and will, in fact, be used as the access controller at next week’s Spring VON show—a conference with a lot of VoIP phones in play, even VoWiFI versions.

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