Is JavaEE 6 Bloated? Red Hat Doesn’t Think So.

From the ‘Bloatware Sucks!’ files:

BOSTON. Mark Little, Red Hat’s JBoss CTO delivered a keynote at the JBoss summit this evening that really struck a chord.

Little talked about all the problems that Java has yet to solve, better NoSQL work (Red Hat has an upcoming graph based NoSQL database in that area..), better density on multi-tenancy and the need for things like real time deterministic scheduling.

While there are improvements needed in Java – Little took aim at one of the prevailing myths about JavaEE 6

“There is a perception that Java EE is bloated,” Little said. “We believe we have shown with JBoss EAP 6 that’s not the case. There is nothing in the EE 6 specification that says you have to have a bloated implementation. Bloatware should be a thing of the past. It is possible to have a lightweight Java EE 6 stack.”

JBoss EAP 6 was officially released last week and is the Red Hat’s flagship Java middleware server. When he’s talking about lightweight, Little isn’t talking about Web Profiles either, he was talking about the full Java EE 6 setup. To prove his point, Little pointed out that JBoss has been able to get a complete Java EE6 stack running on a Raspberry Pi.

Now that’s amazing.

JBoss Raspberry Pi

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