Is the ARM Data Center Real?

In a keynote at the Open Compute Summit last week, Ian Drew, CMO and Executive VP at ARM, detailed how ARM is now poised to invade the data center over the next five years. As part of ARM’s plan to be a real player in the data center, the group announced the new Server Base System Architecture specification.

“This is being put in place so we can standardize and we can have one single image of an operating across all ARMv8 servers,” Drew said. “For ARM, the ecosystem can innovate in areas that are important to the ecosystem and not at the microcontroller or SoC (system on a chip) level.”

For its part, Intel has been continuously innovating at multiple levels to improve power efficiency and cooling. Though Intel is aware of ARM’s data center push, the silicon giant isn’t too worried.

“It has been about four years now since ARM announced its entry into the datacenter, so it’s interesting that they are just now getting around to issuing a spec,” Intel spokesperson Ellen Healy told ServerWatch.

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