ISP Launches Wireless Access Points

A Pittsburgh Internet service provider has launched public 802.11b wireless access points for its subscribers, enabling them to use the Internet from a variety of local stores and cafes.

ISP Telerama Public Access Internet said its Public Access Wireless program is aimed at working with handheld and laptop computers with 802.11b network adapters. The service will be free during an unspecified introductory period, the company said.

Initially, the wireless access will be offered at six establishments, according to the ISP. In addition, in some cases, the service will work at other, nearby, establishments.

“Telerama Wireless is the natural evolution of convenient Internet access for the many technologically savvy users and businesses,” said Telerama president Doug Luce.

The company said it is soliciting other companies to serve as host sites for wireless access points. It said it will install the public access points for free in qualified businesses. The company said it also would offer 802.11b-based wireless services for individuals and businesses in addition to the public access.

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