Juniper Advances the State of Security with Spotlight

Juniper is launching new security insight technology this week at the RSA 2013 conference. Topping the Juniper new product list is Spotlight Secure

What Spotlight Secure does is it tracks individual devices in a massive database, in an effort to block bad users and help to make sure that the good user can still get through. The service leverages over 200 different attributes a device. All that data is stored in a Big Data backend cloud service that provides telemetry and analytics on all the data.

Big Data to date has been used in the wrong way, according to Koretz. It’s not just about storing mountains of today, the real challenge is about making sense of the data.

“The real opportunity for Big Data is the type of use case we’re doing, where we’re not just recording alot of log data,” Koretz said. “We really just care about the small percentage of logs that we can correlate to attacker and we really want all the information we can get about them.”

From a technology perspective, Juniper is using Hadoop with MapReduce as the core foundation for storing the data. Going beyond that, Juniper built its’ own algorithms to make sense of the data and correlate it for network security.

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Juniper Shines Spotlight on Network Security with Big Data

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