Linksys Returns with Update to Iconic WRT54G Wi-Fi Router

The WRT54G was one of the first 802.11g Wi-Fi routers in the market back in 2003. Due to its low price point (originally marketed at $149) and its extensibility, the WR54G became widely deployed over the years.

Linksys is now bringing back the WRT line of wireless routers with the new WRT 1900AC Dual Bank Wi-Fi Router. linksys WRT1900ACThe new router is inspired by the original WRT54G with similar design and blue-and-black color scheme. Inside the device, however, a lot has changed since the WR54G era.

The most obvious change is the fact that the WRT 1900AC supports the new 802.11ac wi-fi standard which can provide up to 1 Gbps of wireless bandwidth. In contrast, the WRT54G was an 802.11g device, limited to 54 Mbps.

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