Linux Foundation Gits Growth

git fusionFrom the ‘Git This’ files:

The Linux Foundation continues to amaze me as it never ceases to stop adding new members to its roster.

This week, development firm Perforce joined the Linux Foundation which is of interest for a number of reasons. Perforce builds enterprise-grade Git version management software solutions via the Git Fusion solution. For years, I’ve been told by ‘other’ enterprise development firms that Git is all fine and nice but it’s not for enterprise developers (yeaah I know,FUD!).

Perforce has been a pivotal figure on the commercial side of Git and in the community at large. By joining the Linux Foundation, where Git’s creator Linus Torvalds works and where the most important Git developed effort (Linux) is built, only good things can happen.

“We recognize the importance of supporting organizations and workflows that encourage software development from multiple sources,” said Don Marti, technical marketing manager for Perforce Software in a statement. “By joining the Linux Foundation, we are better able to help our customers who face the challenge of blending the needs of enterprise development with third-party open source development.”

Oh and yeah it is that – Don Marti. Known and well respected in the Linux community for his work as the one time Editor-in-Chief of LinuxJournal and Conference chair of the OpenSource World (once known as LinuxWorld) conference.

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