Medical and Educational Fields Could Fall Hard for iPad

iPad will be entering the educational and medical markets with a big leg up: A library of thousands of applications medical professionals already depend on, ready for use on a bigger screen with more choices for interaction.

Is Apple’s handheld computer, the iPad, just what the doctor ordered for telehealth
and telemedicine? It certainly looks that way, according to two mobile health care
industry watchers. “While Apple CEO Steve Jobs… did not mention the health care
vertical as a key market for the iPad: It looks to be just that. The iPad holds promise
as a new point-of-care tool for health care workers and as a personal health device for
patients,” writes Brian Dolan, editor of Dolan goes on to say that the already
existing library of medical apps gives the iPad a lead on other tablet PCs that may be
considered for use in mobile health care.

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