Metrocall Becomes Latest Boingo Partner

Boingo Wireless’s Platform Services for Wi-Fi — the private label platform they provide for ISPs, telcos, and carriers looking to get a quick Wi-Fi presence — has a new customers. Metrocall Wireless of Alexandria, Va., which is a provider of narrowband message paging and other wireless services, is the latest to sign on to use Boingo’s platform.

802.11 hotspots is an additional service the Metrocall Wireless sales people can use to sell their various wireless services for business customers. In the announcement, company president and CEO Vincent Kelly said that Metrocall’s use of the Boingo platform “can meet the increasing LAN demands of many of our current enterprise-based customers and reduce infrastructure-related capital expenses associated with cable and wired LANs.”

The first company to sign up for Boingo’s Platform Services was T-Mobile , the cell phone carrier that is also behind the hotspot services found in stores like Kinkos, Borders, and Starbucks. Other companies signed on include Fiberlink and Earthlink (the latter was also founded by Boingo founder and CEO Sky Dayton).

When Boingo announced the platform in March, it also said that the platform would eventually incorporate WAN services such as 2.5G and 3G, so subscribers could roam between cellular networks and Wi-Fi without needing to re-associate to the network.

Metrocall Holdings (the company uses Metrocall Wireless as its brand name) last year filed for bankruptcy protection but seems to be weathering that storm, having recently retired over $60 million in debt earlier than expected.

Boingo’s virtual network currently extends to over 1,300 hotspots.

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