Mobility Network Systems Provides SIM Authentication

Mobility Network Systems Tuesday announced that its unifying client connection
management software works with the Sierra Wireless AirCard 750 PC card to
provide Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) authentication for notebook users
accessing Wi-Fi or GPRS/EDGE networks.

SIM authentication is the the
standard for subscribers accessing GSM/GPRS networks. To provide SIM
authentication to the network carrier when logging on to Wi-Fi networks,
portable computer users typically need to use a smart card reader or dongle
connected to a USB port.

The AirCard 750 network card incorporates the
SIM on the card and the Mobility software obtains the SIM data from the card to
provide authentication, meaning wireless network subscribers can access Wi-Fi
and GPRS/EDGE networks from any computer equipped with the software and the
network card.

The software is downloaded and installed on the user’s
Windows PC, where it automatically sniffs out available hotspots or connects to
a GPRS network.

The company said the client also supports
username/password security schemes and can read SIM data from other PC cards,
smart cards or USB dongles.

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