Mozilla Firefox 19 Set to Include PDF and Remote Web Console for Firefox OS

firefoxFrom the ‘Chrome Catch-up’ files:

Some Firefox releases have more innovation in them than others. Firefox 19 is currently in beta and at this early point the feature list is likely to underwhelm some users.

The only information that Mozilla listed for the public beta on its primary blogis that Firefox 19 will have a native PDF viewer.

Ok, that’s nice and somewhat long overdue, considering that Google Chrome has had this for some time now.

Now mobile developers however might be a bit more excited about Firefox 19. A new experimental Remote Web Console that will enable devs to connect to Firefox OS or Firefox for Android is a key part of the release.

For web developers, the Firefox 19 release will support the @page CSS attribute. This is an interesting capabilitiy that could be used to help devs specify how to layout pages for print

Firefox 19 is currently set for general availability on February 19th.

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