Mozilla Stabilizes Firefox 18.0.1 with 7 bug fixes

firefoxFrom the ‘Friday Updates’ files:

Mozilla updated Firefox with a 18.0.1 release late Friday fixing at least seven bugs.

Firefox 18.0 was released at the beginning of January, but apparently it missed a few items that have surfaced in recent weeks.

Four bugs are related to problems with HTTP Proxy Transactions. These include bugs 828202, 828234, 828632 and 829646. In a nutshell, all the bugs are related to the usage system proxy setting in different scenarios.



“After updating to Firefox 18 ‘Use system proxy settings’ no longer seems to work,” a bugzilla commenter wrote. “If it’s enabled and there is a proxy defined in “Manual proxy configuration” I get “The proxy server is refusing connections” error (e.g. If I switch to manual mode, remove proxy entries and switch back to system mode, then sites begin to open as usually.”

Then there are also a pair of fixes for Firefox running on Mac OS X. One is a bug fix for the Unity Player on Mac OS X.

Then there is bug 814434– [hidpi/retina] url suggestion box pops up on wrong screen. The TL;dr version is that there is flaw when using Firefox on a Retina enabled system when there is an external monitor. The fix, isn’t really a fix if I read the bug correctly. Instead (for now) Mozilla has just disable external monitor support for Retina displays (?).

With Mozilla’s rapid release update cycle, there tends to be fewer incremental releases like 18.0.1 and when these releases do come out they are always for interesting corner cases.

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