Navini Upgrades Curacao Broadband

After years of using pre-WiMax wireless broadband (with Navini Network’s RipWave MX technology since 2005), the Dutch WISP Scarlet B.V. is upgrading its existing network in Curacao to mobile WiMax (802.16e), also from Navini. By the end of 2007, as the network changes and expands, Scarlet expects to serve 10,000 customers on the Caribbean island north of Venezuela (along with Aruba and Bonaire) — the island has a population of 150,000, using mostly dial-up and some DSL.

After a software upgrade to the existing Navini nodes, they’ll be compliant with 802.16e Wave 1 as defined by the WiMax Forum. Navini also offers its own Smart WiMax system with beam-forming and MIMO (multiple in, multiple out) for 802.16e, technologies which will make future products Wave 2 compliant. Wave 2 adds quality of service (QoS) functions, better security and advanced radio features for outdoor customer premises units (CPEs).

Use of these products will let Scarlet start to offer a new service called MyScarlet VoIP. Users can choose to get unlimited calls to the Netherlands (the island belongs to the Netherlands Antilles); if customers are already Scarlet One subscribers, they can call the U.S. and Canada with no extra charges.

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