NewLogic ‘WiLD’ at the Wi-Fi Core

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Wireless networking provider NewLogic Tuesday said it is making its most “WiLD” modem IP core available just in time for the 802.11 Planet Fall 2002 Conference & Expo (December 3-5).

The Lustenau, Austria-based company’s 802.11a standard compliant OFDM Modem is the latest in its WiLD (Wireless LAN IP for LSI Designs) family line. The device is designed to fit into a company’s integrated single chip CMOS products.

The 802.11a Modem is available in two versions: one optimized for the lowest gate count at competitive performance and a version with an extremely low implementation loss at the expense of a slightly higher gate count. Hardware prototyping platforms and a complete RTL test bench are available for IP customers.

The company said the new modem can be combined with its previously released 802.11a/b/g MAC core or its 802.11b Modem core with a third party MACs to create a MAC+Modem combo IC solution. NewLogic said it can also be combined with the 5GHz WiLD CMOS radio on a single piece of silicon as well as combining the RF part with the digital modem while the MAC functions are performed by a host system.

“A complete RTL test bench for easy SOC integration and comprehensive custom design services for the sensitive Radio-Modem interface translates to significant time-to-market advantages as well as cost reduction for our customers,” said Dr. Gianmaria Mazzucchelli, general manager of NewLogic’s Sophia Antipolis based design center.

The company said its WiLD IP family can be implemented in PC hosted and in embedded situations, such as: Network Interface Cards, Access Points, Home Networking Devices, Consumer Electronics (audio, video and games) and Wireless Terminals.

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