Open Source Asterisk 12 Debuts RESTfully

The new Asterisk 12asterisk release out today is what the project refers to as a standard support release.

“That means bug fixes for 1 year. After that one year, it will receive security patches only for an additional 1 year,” Matt Jordan, project lead of Digium’s Asterisk development team, told Enterprise Networking Planet.

Digium is the lead commercial sponsor behind the open source Asterisk project.

“Asterisk 12 should be viewed as the first major step forward in a new architecture for Asterisk,” Jordan said. “Because it is not an LTS release, it shouldn’t be viewed in the same light as Asterisk 11 – rather, I would view Asterisk 12 as a release of Asterisk that enables the engineering of a company’s next generation communications platform.”

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Open Source Asterisk 12 Opens Up Communications with REST

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