Open Source Cloud Storage Moving Forward at ownCloud

Over the course of the last two years, the open source ownCloud project has emerged as a leader in cloud storage. What ownCloud provides is an open source alternative to proprietary cloud storage systems like Dropbox and Box. With ownCloud, a user can setup cloud storage on their own server or a third party server.

Frank Karlitschek is the founder of ownCloud and the CTO of the commercial company that provides enterprise releases and support for ownCloud. In an interview with InternetNews, Karlitschek detailed his vision for ownCloud and where the technology is headed next.

The last major release of the open source ownCloud project debuted in May with the 4.0 release. In the next several weeks, Karlitschek plans on releasing ownCloud 4.5.

Among the improvements in ownCloud 4.5 will be performance gains that enhance synchronization speeds. The new release also solves the problem of large file uploads. What ownCloud 4.5 does is, instead of sending one large file up to the cloud for storage, large files are ‘chunked’ and uploaded piece by piece.

Karlitschek said there are also a number of improvements with the ownCloud media player, which is now able to stream video.

“So you can basically click to upload a file and then directly watch via an HTML5 interface in a browser,” Karlitschek said.

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