Open Source Couchbase 2.0 NoSQL Database Released

Couchbase has been working on a new type of NoSQL database the melds both key-value and document data models.

It’s an effort that began with the merger of CouchOne and Membase back in 2011 as the two companies combined to build a new joint product. Couchbase has since moved beyond its core Apache CouchDB roots though it still benefits from them.

“Historically we have been a pure key value database, with the Couchbase 2.0 release we are now a document value database,” Couchbase CEO Bob Weiderhold, explained to DatabaseJournal. “That allows developers to store JSON documents in the databases and allows you to build indexes and do queries on those JSON documents.”

Weiderhold admitted that when Membase and CouchOne merged, he had hoped to have document database capabilities availability much sooner then now.

“At first we thought we could leverage Apache CouchDB without having to rewrite it in C, Apache CouchDB is written in ERlang,” Weiderhold said. “It turned out that in order to achieve the performance that we needed,we did have to rewrite in C and that was a pretty significant delay for us.”

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Couchbase 2.0 Advances Open Source NoSQL Database

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