Open Source WebRTC Goes Native for Vonage Mobile Apps

To date, much of the WebRTC discussion has revolved around its implementation in web browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but that’s not the whole story. WebRTC also has relevance beyond the browser. It’s now a key technology in VoIP vendor Vonage’s mobile aspirations.

Baruch Sterman, VP of Technology Research at Vonage, told Enterprise Networking Planet that his company is now relying on WebRTC to power its mobile Vonage application.

While WebRTC is known as a browser stack, Sterman explained that there is another flavor, known as the WebRTC Native Stack.

“The native stack is the low-level source code for WebRTC, and that’s where Vonage has been making its mark,” Sterman said. “We have even contributed back to the open source WebRTC community some of the interesting innovations that we’ve built around the integration of some hardware capabilities.”

Those hardware capabilities include some specific features that are available on IOS and Android powered phones. WebRTC as a native stack allows for voice and video communications on any platform onto which it’s ported.

Read the full story at Enterprise Networking Planet:
Vonage Embraces Open Source WebRTC

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