OpenLogic CloudSwing PaaS Tracks Costs

One of the most popular models for cloud usage and deployment is the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model. PaaS models to date haven’t always been as enterprise-focused as they should be according to OpenLogic, which is why the company is launching the CloudSwing PaaS.

CloudSwing supports multiple languages and platforms including, Java, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript with support for, Tomcat, LAMP, node.js and nginx. CloudSwing also provides cost tracking to help enterprises accurately understand what their cloud usage costs. OpenLogic is using a combination of open source and proprietary technology to enable the CloudSwing PaaS.

“The problem we run into in the enterprise is that in the enterprise they have one of everything,” Kim Weins, senior vice president of marketing at OpenLogic told “They use many different languages for their application across many platforms.”


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OpenLogic CloudSwing PaaS Tracks Costs

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