OpenStack Designate Brings DNS as a Service Into Incubation

From the “It’s about time’ files:

I’ve been following the Designate project, which provide OpenStack DesignateDNS-as-a-Service for OpenStack for some time. It’s a project that seems painfully obvious to me, enabling DNS features within an OpenStack cloud deployment.

DNS is a critical network service and without it, I really don’t understand how OpenStack service providers could possibly properly scale a business. If DNS isn’t inside OpenStack it’s outside of it, with a more manual and more painful, less ‘cloudy’ approach.

This week Designate was finally approved to be an official incubated project at OpenStack, which is great news. This means that it’s now on track to be an official integrated project, though likely not until 2015 in the OpenStack ‘K’ release that follows Juno this October.

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