OpenStack Startup Mirantis Wins New Investment

OpenStack services startup Mirantis announced this week that it has pulled in another $10 million in venture capital funding, bringing total funding to date up to $20 million.

Mirantis provides services for OpenStack and develops the open source FUEL library of tools, which enables cloud deployment and management.

Alex Freedland, Co-Founder and Chairman of Mirantis, explained to Datamation that the market for OpenStack is large and growing, which is why having more capital is important. Freedland stressed, however, that his company wasn’t looking to take money from just any company. It was important for him to make sure that the companies that are investing also have a vested interest in the success of the OpenStack ecosystem.

The plan is for Mirantis to grow not just by virtue of the financial investment made by Ericsson, Red Hat and SAP Ventures but also by way of market partnerships with those vendors.

Read the full story at Datamation:
Mirantis FUELS Open Source OpenStack with $10 Million Investment

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