OpenStack Startup Piston Cloud Raises Millions

This week, OpenStack startup Piston Computing announced it has raised $8 million in a Series B financing round. Piston had previously raised $4.5 million during its A round in July of 2011.

The new money is all about giving Piston Cloud the ability to grow and capitalize on the opportunity and interest in OpenStack.

“We wanted to give ourselves the operating runway that provides us the ability to really focus on customers and take care of them,” Jim Morrisroe, CEO of Piston Cloud, told ServerWatch.

Cisco is participating in the new Series B round, although it’s not necessarily an indication of a deeper partnership. Cisco is an active member of the OpenStack Foundation and has its own OpenStack distribution as well.

“Cisco is very networking centric, and as a strategy they want to make sure that the broader ecosystem of OpenStack continues to thrive and that companies that do things that are complementary to their efforts continue to flourish,” Morrisroe said.

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