Oracle Aims to Expand Java Embedded Deployment

When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems back in 2010, it began a multi-year process to re-invigorate Java. Ahead of the JavaOne conference next week, Oracle is now taking its next major step with Java by releasing a new embedded mobile suite designed for the new world of machine-to-machine-based communications.

Peter Utzschneider, VP Product Management at Oracle, told Datamation that over the last two years Oracle has gotten Java back on track, with the release of Java 7 in 2011 and an improved Java Community Process. Over the course of the last year, Oracle has been focused on trying to figure out how it could further Java in the embedded mobile space.

“We see a great opportunity for Java in the machine-to-machine space to provide an abstraction layer to overcome some of the chip fragmentation that is out there,” Utzschneider said. “In so doing we can provide a common open portable development platform, so application developers can focus on applications and not get stuck by the underlying hardware choices.”

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Oracle Positions Java for the New Mobile World

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