Oracle Spins Up Public Cloud with Exadata X3

Oracle is now moving from being just a SaaS player to delivering a full Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. The Oracle IaaS includes both public and private editions and is powered by a new Oracle cloud database and a new Oracle Exadata X3 database machine.

Oracle’s decision to enter the IaaS cloud market is not a major surprise. Ellison hinted at the announcement during his company’s earnings call last week.

“The infrastructure that we’re offering isn’t conventional infrastructure,” Ellison said during his Sunday night keynote.

Ellison explained that the Oracle Cloud uses Oracle’s operating systems, virtualization, compute and storage technologies running on Exa-class engineered systems. He added that the service will be available in both public and private cloud editions.

The hardware foundation for the Oracle cloud is set to be the new Exadata X3 engineered system.

“If you thought the old Exadata’s were fast, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” Ellison said.

According to Ellison, the new Exadata is able to store entire databases in memory with its included 26 TB of memory. Not all of the memory is traditional DRAM modules either.

Ellison explained that the Exadata X3 has 4 TB of traditional DRAM and 22 TB of Flash. He argued that the Flash memory was not a solid state disk drive, but is in fact another form of semi-conductor silicon-based memory.

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