PCTEL Software Roams from Cellular to Wi-Fi

PCTEL of Milpitas,
CA, has launched its Dual-Mode Segue Roaming Client, software
for users of Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP who need to roam between Wi-Fi networks
and 2.5G (CDMA2000 1X or GPRS) network data services.

According to Biju Nair, Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Software
Product Development at PCTEL , the software comes in two flavors, either CDMA/Wi-Fi
or GPRS/Wi-Fi depending on the users needs. .

"If you’re away from a Wi-Fi coverage area, the client will find the 2.5G
network and allow you to connect" to the Internet, says Nair. "If
you’ve on a train and you’re on a cell network, close your laptop and walked
into the office, when you open the laptop, it wakes up and finds one of the
Wi-Fi network"

The software will hold a list of "favorite networks" and connect
to them using preference rules you or your CIO dictate.

Through the software, users can utilize many mobile phone features including
SMS messaging. "We built a tool in client that looks like Microsoft Outlook
to send and store and receive SMS messages like e-mail," says Nair.

This first iteration of the software requires a 2.5G network card from Option
(GPRS), NovAtel (GPRS) or Sierra Wireless (GPRS and CDMA); future
versions expect to support the majority of 2.5G cards on the market. Plus it
has support for most GPRS phones used as a cellular modem connected to a laptop.

The software works with most 802.11b client cards, including Cisco and Agere/Proxim
ORiNOCO cards.

The software will be available for download as a trial, but is targeted toward
phone carriers who want to provide customers with easy Internet access via their
cellular wide area networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. PCTEL is currently in discussions
with potential carrier partners.

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